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Wire Sculpture

Custom-designed wire jewelry    

No one is sure where or when the art-of-wire sculpture originated; however, it is known that ancient Egyptian and Phoenician artists practiced it more than 5,000 years ago.

Early on, gold was recognized as the medium for accumulating wealth or creating luxury items such as jewelry. Gold was equated with the sun and the flesh of the deities of Egypt and silver with the moon and their bones. Semi-precious stones in red might suggest solar imagery of the typonic forces of evil. Blues and greens were often equated with the floral kingdom and concepts such as fertility, joy, rebirth, and the like.

Gemstones have been the most treasured items to man for thousands of years. Wars have been fought over them and countries have been purchased with them. Not only have they been coveted for their incredible beauty, but for their mystical and healing properties as well.

The top two possessions in the world are probably gold and gemstones.

Semiprecious stones used in jewelry

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